Here at The Nottinghamshire we are dedicated to helping you improve your game so you enjoy golf more. With Daniel Parkes our PGA Professional and Academy Director, and his team ready to help you and your game isn't it time you booked a lesson? Click here to enquire or book a lesson.

Lesson Prices/Packages (not including GC2)

30mins - £23.00
1hour - £40.00
6 for 5 - £115.00

Playing Lesson

Playing lessons are good to apply what has been learnt in lessons and to work on course management skills such as club selection.

1hr - £40.00
2hr - £70.00

Group Sessions

Ideal for a group of friends who cant make one of our scheduled courses of tuition, these can be booked any time and can accommodate up to 6 people.

1hour (3 - 6 people) - £50.00
Adult Pathway - £25.00 per person (5 week course)


30mins - £14.00
1hour - £25.00


£40.00 per person (6 week course)

To enquire about or book any lesson please click here.

New for 2016...
New for 2016...
We have a new range of hardware this year in the pro shop. Read more.......

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